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Friday, May 25, 2012

10 Weirdest Beauty Treatments in the World

10 Weirdest Beauty Treatments in the World 

Everyone wants to look young and beautiful. While most of us do follow the usual skin care regime of moisturizing, facials and the like…there are people who are willing to go to extremes to maintain that healthy glow.  From bull semen to snake venom, here are the Top 10 Weirdest Beauty Treatments in the World.
beauty treatemnts collage
1) Bee Venom Mask
Despite its slightly scary name, the bee venom mask has been advertized as the natural and organic alternative to Botox. The product, released by Heaven by Deborah Mitchell is a face mask that contains a bee venom ingredient that promises to immediately lift, tighten and firm facial muscles. It has won an £100 million contract in China and is endorsed by Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall.
1-bee venom
2) Placenta Face Cream
This peculiar face cream is made from sheep placenta protein extract, also known as living cell therapy. According to the manufacturers of this treatment, “the placenta is known to improve metabolic processes, accelerate tissue regeneration, and stimulate immunity.” Madonna and Eva Longoria are rumored to be fans.
3) Bird Poop Facial
Even more shocking than the ingredients of this facial is its popularity.  This unique treatment originated in Japan and involves drying bird droppings under UV lights, then mixing it with rice bran and water. Apply this as a face mask and you’ll be rewarded with fresh and glowing skin. It is known as the Bird Poop Facial in New York and the Geisha Facial in London.
3-bird poop
4) Bull Semen Hair Conditioner
This may sound like something out of a nightmare but it’s a reality in Knightsbridge, London. Hari’s hairdresser’s offers their clients organically produced bull semen with the root of protein-rich plant katera to massage into their hair as part of a deluxe blow-dry.  The owner Hari Salem states that “the semen is refrigerated before use and doesn’t smell”. Well, that’ll make you feel better, if the smell was your biggest problem about this entire procedure.
5) Pigs Trotters Collagen Cuisine
This one is neither for the vegetarians nor the squeamish out there.  This unconventional anti-aging trend started in Japan but it quickly spread to New York. It involves the physical consumption of collagen-rich pig’s feet to get rid of wrinkles and ensure smooth, youthful skin. "Collagen helps your body retain moisture," explains Himi Okajima, the owner of a chain of restaurants specializing in collagen cuisine in Japan. "Your hair and skin will look better, but it's not just for looking beautiful now. If you begin eating collagen in your thirties, you will look younger in your forties."
6) Snail Secretion Skin Cream
Snail Serum is used in a number of different beauty products as its powerful biological properties are said to help relieve skin conditions such as acne, as well as reducing wrinkles and improving dull complexions.  It is an organic natural ingredient which is taken pure from live snails (without harming them), mostly in laboratories in Chile. 
7) Snake Venom Facial
This anti-ageing product works in a slightly disturbing manner. It mimics the effects of a snake bite, leaving skin in a state of shock.  Based upon the venom of a Temple Viper snake, it literally freezes the face and tightens out fine lines. Gwyneth Paltrow and Katie Holmes are said to be supporters of this technique.
8) Leech Therapy
Leech Therapy as a beauty treatment is available only at a few specialized beauty clinics across the world. The process involves attaching leeches to the bare skin for about two hours so that they can release enzymes into your bloodstream, improving your circulation and leaving you completely bitten.  Leech therapy has been used a medicinal cure for centuries but only recently has made its foray into beauty treatment.
9) Fish Pedicures
This method of getting a pedicure has fast gained popularity across spas all over the world. In fish pedicures, one is supposed to dip his feet into a tank filled with toothless carp that then nibble away dead skin. Even though it has proven to be quite an effective procedure, the technique is currently under investigation with fears it could lead to infection and disease. 
9-fish pedicure
10) Beer Baths
A beer bath was once a luxury reserved for only the rich and the famous but nowadays, a number of hotels across Europe (especially in Prague) are offering it as a therapeutic treatment. The bath helps to sweat away toxins by combining specially brewed malt, beer yeast, hops and mineral elements heated to over 30°C.  It leaves you with refreshed and glowing skin.
10-beer bath

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