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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Canada's River Turns Green... Amazing!!!!

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It happened on December 29, 2010, in  Victoria's peaceful Goldstream Park. The waters of the river suddenly  became neon green, and everyone passing by it rubbed their eyes to make  sure what they were seeing wasn't just an illusion. It was very real,  but was it that made Goldstream River look so alien-like? After an hour  or so, the fluorescent coloring vanished, but the questions about the  bizarre phenomenon remained unanswered.

After analyzing the neon-green water, the local Environment Ministry  said it was the result of a chemical called "fluorescein". Neither the  substance itself nor its products of degradation are toxic, and experts  believe that fish and their habitat were not affected, judging by the  concentration and flow rate  of the river. Authorities haven't yet identified the culprits, but believed the  dumping of fluorescein in the Goldstream River was just a holiday season  prank.

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