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Friday, December 31, 2010


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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Victims of Fashion

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How cute these creatures are, aren't they? However, they are just the material in the cruel process of making fur coats so adored by fashionable women. Let these pictures tell you the story...

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Top 10 Prehistoric Fish...!!!!!

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 Top 10 Prehistoric Fish Alive Today

10. Hagfish 
According to the fossil record, hagfish have existed for over 300 million years, which means they were already old when dinosaurs took over the world! Found in relatively deep waters, these animals are sometimes called slime eels, but they are not really eels, and actually, they may not even be fish at all,
according to some scientists. They are very bizarre animals in all regards; they have a skull but lack a spine, and they have two brains. Almost blind, they feed at night on the carcasses of large animals (fish, cetaceans etc) which fall to the sea bottom. They owe their “slime eel†nickname to the fact that they produce a slimey substance to damage the gills of predatory fish; as a result, they have virtually no natural enemies.

9. Lancetfish
The lancetfish has a very obvious prehistoric appearance, with those fierce-looking, sharp teeth on its jaws and the sail on its back, reminiscent of that of some dinosaurs (although, in the lancetfish the sail is actually an enlarged dorsal fin). Even its scientific name has a dinosaurian sound to it (Alepisaurus ferox). Up to two meters in length, this predator is found in all the oceans except for polar regions; very voracious, it feeds on smaller fish and squid, and has known to feed on members of its own species sometimes.

8. Arowana

 Belonging to the ancient group of the Osteoglossids, these fish already existed in the Jurassic period. Today, they are found in the Amazon, and in parts of Africa, Asia and Australia. Sometimes kept as exotic pets, arowanas are voracious predators that feed on any small animal they can catch, including birds and bats which they catch in mid flight (they are able to leap up to 2 meters into the air). In China, arowanas are known as “dragon-fish†due to their appearance, and they are thought to be harbingers of good luck.

7. Frilled Shark
 This deep sea predator, one of the most primitive sharks alive today, is a relic from the Cretaceous period, when dinosaurs ruled the Earth. Seldom seen alive, and only recently filmed for the first time, the frilled shark can grow up to 2 meters (with females being larger than males) and they live in deep waters, where they feed mostly on squid. They are not dangerous to humans, and as a matter of fact, most frilled sharks spend their whole lives without seeing a human being. Only dead or dying specimens are usually seen and recorded by fishermen or scientists.

6. Sturgeon
Another survivor from the age of dinosaurs (they were already around in the early Jurassic), the sturgeon is well known for being one of the main sources of caviar (which is made out of their roe or egg masses); due to overfishing, these magnificent, armored fish are sadly endangered nowadays. The largest sturgeon species can grow up to 6 meters (19′ 7″) long, being as large as most great white sharks; they feed on small animals from the sea bottom and pose no danger to humans, unless provoked (although they are so big that they have hurt, and even killed, people unintentionally by leaping out of the water and landing on boats!)

5. Arapaima
A close relative to the arowana (see #8), the Amazonian arapaima is sometimes considered to be the largest freshwater fish in the world. According to early descriptions, it could grow up to 4.5 meters long, but today, enormous individuals like these are seldom found and most adult arapaimas average 2 meters long. These slow moving predators feed on smaller fish, crustaceans and whatever small animal they can fit in their mouth. An interesting trait of this fish is that it needs to breath oxygen from the air, like a cetacean, in order to survive. Arapaimas pose no danger to humans and are often hunted for their meat; unfortunately, they are very scarce nowadays. Although the arapaima seemingly appeared in the Miocene period, it belongs to a much older family, the Osteoglossidae, and therefore its origins can be traced back to the age of dinosaurs.

4. Sawfish
This critically endangered animal is a survivor from the Cretaceous period, and can be found both in saltwater or in rivers and creeks, and has been found up to 100 kms inland. Up to 7 meters (23′) in length, sawfish may look like sharks but are actually more closely related to rays. Their “saw†is both a weapon and a sensory organ, covered on electro-sensitive pores which allow it to sense prey despite its terrible eyesight. Although usually peaceful, the sawfish can become extremely dangerous if provoked. Due to an extraordinary fossil, we know that gigantic, prehistoric sawfish were probably a staple food for the largest carnivorous dinosaur, Spinosaurus, as a vertebra from the fish was found stuck between the dinosaur’s teeth.

3. Alligator Gar
This formidable, thick scaled predator is found in the southern US and northern and eastern Mexico, being the largest freshwater fish in North America (although it sometimes wanders into the sea). It can grow up to 4 meters long and weigh up to 200 kgs (440lbs). Gator gars are so called because of their reptilian appearance and long jaws, armed with a double row of sharp teeth. They are voracious ambush predators and have been known to bite humans on occasion, although no confirmed deaths due to alligator gars have been recorded to date. Gars are among the oldest fish alive today; their origins can be traced back to the Cretaceous period.

2. Polypterus Senegalus
 These african fish are often called dinosaur eels, due to their reptilian appearance and serrated dorsal fin, reminiscent of some dinosaurs spiked backs. They are not really eels, but members of the bichir family. Bichirs were already around in the Cretaceous, so the “dinosaur†part of their name is actually fitting in a way. Although often sold as exotic pets, dinosaur eels are prone to escaping their fish tanks. They can survive out of the water for long periods of time as long as their skin remains wet, which enables them to wander far away from their tank.

1. Coelacanth
The Coelacanth is the most famous of all living fossils and deserves to be #1 in this list, because it is the best example of a Lazarus taxon , this is, animals that were supposed to be long extinct and are unexpectedly found to be alive. Coelacanths were supposed to have become extinct in the Cretaceous period, along with the dinosaurs, but in 1938, a live specimen was caught in South Africa. Since then, more specimens have been seen and photographed, and a second coelacanth species was even found in Indonesia in 1999. Coelacanths are large predators, up to 2 meters long; they feed on smaller fish, including small sharks, and are usually found in deep, dark waters. Although rarely captured and consumed due to their horrible taste, coelacanths are critically endangered nowadays.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Meet Aditya, World's Smallest Bodybuilder in The World!

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At just 2ft 9in, Indian muscleman Aditya 'Romeo' Dev is the world's smallest bodybuilder.

Pint-sized Romeo is well-known in his hometown of Phagwara, India - for his ability to lift 1.5kg dumbbells - despite his overall 9kg body weight.

Every day, crowds flock to the local gym to the see the mini-muscleman in training.

Unlike many dwarfs, Romeo is well proportioned, with a head circumference of 15in and a chest measurement of 20in.

Romeo said: "I've been training as a bodybuilder for the last two years and by now I think I must be the strongest dwarf in the world.

"I have always been fit but since I started working out, I have become famous for my strength.

"My size has never stopped me. I train with dumbbells and do aerobics and dance. People are always pleased to see me. I have been invited on TV shows and dance on stage."

His trainer Ranjeet Pal spents hours helping his 19-year-old protege build his small muscles to perfection.

"Because of his small size, I don't assign him hard exercises. But Romeo trains more or less the same as anyone else and he's much more determined.

"When he first started, I insisted he did a month of basic exercises like aerobics, push-ups and basic gymnastics to prepare his body.

"After that, I made lightweight dumbbells and taught him basic weight-lifting exercises to shape his biceps and triceps. His size and his weight were taken care of so that he never hurt himself."

Determined Romeo is hoping to have an entertainment career after performing in many local TV shows.

He said: "I earn good money through my dance and bodybuilding shows but being rich doesn't interest me.

"My dream is to travel a lot - I want to perform in London with my idol, Jazzy-B.
Smallest Bodybuilder

Smallest Bodybuilder

Smallest Bodybuilder

Smallest Bodybuilder

Smallest Bodybuilder

Weight lifter: Romeo lifts 1.5kg weights every day
Weight lifter: Romeo lifts 1.5kg weights every day

Monday, December 27, 2010

A Couple become Sex Consultant - What a wierd career?

FOR most twosomes, getting prepared for work entails a hurried morning serving of food, a swig of coffee and a fast peck on the impertinence goodbye.
For Sarah Moore and beau Geoff Daniels, it engages organising themselves to doze with somebody else’s married man or wife.

The two are taught sexy surrogate partners and work as a joint project to assist men, women and twosomes overwhelm difficulties in the bedroom.

They have been sex surrogates for 19 years, throughout which time Sarah, 39, has had sex with 3,323 men, encompassing 52 virgins.

American-born Geoff, 40, has dozed with 2,162 women, assisting 49 of them misplace their virginity.
They have journeyed the world talking to persons or twosomes who bear with sexy difficulties, or seem tense about mislaying their virginity.
Sarah Moore has been Slept with 3,323 partners and Geoff Daniels Slept With 2,162
Sarah Moore has been Slept with 3,323 partners and Geoff Daniels Slept With 2,162
They then assist them by conversing in an open way about the difficulty, giving therapeutic massage, courses in self-pleasuring or full sex. Sarah, who inhabits and works between her dwelling in Hammersmith, west London, and Los Angeles, says: “We are pleased of the way we profit from a dwelling and not ever seem awful about dozing with other people’s husbands, wives, or long-run partners. 
“We are not paid to easily have sex with somebody for their own boots and will not be in evaluation to prostitutes.
“Our purchasers have been mentioned to us from medical practitioners because they have a exact sexy difficulty and require help.
“Everybody we assist is voiced to at extent first and has a aim about what they desire to accomplish in the bedroom.
“As a joint project, we have assisted twosomes and persons in the UK, USA, France and Australia.”
Sarah and Geoff contacted while revising therapy at a New York university.
Sarah recalls: “I lost my virginity at the age of 15 and from then I knew I liked sex to be a large-scale part of my life. I contacted Geoff at the age of 20. It was love and lust at the start view and we’ve been simultaneously ever since.”
The twosome determined to study sexy surrogacy and took the odd step of employed as a partnership.

Sarah says: “After conversing to medical practitioners and psychologists, we appreciated there was a gap in the market for a twosome employed simultaneously as sex surrogates.

“We notified our associates and family – who were horrified. They considered we were connecting some sort of sex cult.

“But now they appreciate our job is easily to assist persons with their difficulties and gain self-assurance in the bedroom.”

During their teaching, Sarah and Geoff were educated how to blend massage, therapy, relaxation procedures, the very vintage Hindu perform of tantric sex and usual sexy proceeds to advance a person’s sex life.

They furthermore discovered how to elongate sexy comes across, overwhelm difficulties and deal with matters like erectile dysfunction and help misuse recovery.

Once completely taught, the twosome could start glimpsing patients and having sex with them if their remedy required it.

Sarah says: “I recall feeling rather threatened the first time I sensed a persevering required me to have sex with him, to therapy his erectile dysfunction.

“He was 51 and furthermore had a bit of difficulty with body odour. I did inquire him to wash before – which Geoff and I manage with all patients.

“During the meeting, I educated him tantric sex and sexy massage method to extend the intercourse.
“I sensed as expert as a medical practitioner does glimpsing a patient.
“The next day he dispatched me blossoms and notified me I had altered his life for the better. It sensed truly unbelievable to understand the difficulties that had made him so insecure and dejected had gone for ever.”

Despite their job, there is no jealousy between Geoff and Sarah. Geoff says: “Just as Sarah does with men, I glimpse all my patients as women I am being paid to help.
“We have an affirmation not to converse about our work at dwelling as we don’t desire to convey them into our personal lives.
“I love Sarah as my colleague and that doesn’t traverse over with the personal times I share with other women.”
Geoff and Sarah furthermore have a firm safe-sex rule.
Sarah says: “We habitually have and habitually will use condoms with every client. All patients should have STD checks before we doze with them and Geoff and I furthermore have monthly tests.”
Each employed day begins with the twosome gathering in their agencies, which contain two treatment rooms.
There, they talk about their patients of the day, clean the treatment rooms and wash rooms and lightweight scented candles to assist patients relax.
Geoff and Sarah glimpse round five patients a day, and meetings last for about two hours. Treatments for each persevering last four to eight weeks and cost £150 to £300 per visit.
Sarah says: “Patients arrive in all forms, dimensions, ages and professions. The least old man I have counselled was a 19-year-old virgin with a worry of sex.
“The oldest was a 76-year-old who had been dispatched by his wife because she sensed he had lost his sex drive.
“I had sex with both and healed them.”
Geoff says: “My least old persevering was a young female of 19 who had been the casualty of sexy abuse. My oldest was a 72-year-old who was concerned her libido had disappeared.”
The two furthermore work simultaneously with twosomes who are having sexy problems.
Sarah says: “We use kissing methods and massage to boost the twosomes to get to understand each other’s bodies again. We display them how to manage these things, then boost them to feel each other more intimately.
“We understand our job is odd but we wouldn’t manage any thing additional in the world.
“It’s our calling to assist other ones find out that sex can be a truly unbelievable part of life and we’ll still be managing this when we’re 70 years old.”

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Manned Cloud - The Floating Hotel

 Manned Cloud - The Floating Hotel

Manned Cloud - The Floating Hotel
French designer, Jean-Marie Massaud, has been working in conjunction with the French National Office of Airship Research on the project since 2005.
The airship is a floating hotel called the Manned Cloud.
It will cruise at a speed of 80 mph (130 km/h) and 18,000ft above sea level. It could circle the earth in about ten days.
It will travel for 3,100 miles (almost 5,000 km) before needing to be refueled.
 Manned Cloud - The Floating Hotel
It is an ecologically friendly way to travel, leaving little impact on the environment without the need for hotels, according to the promoters. It could land for a few days or for a week if there is a big event going on.

The Manned Cloud is almost 700ft long, 270ft wide and 170ft deep. It has a restaurant, a library, a lounge and a gym on the first deck. On the second level there will be 20 passenger rooms, terraces with panoramic windows, a spa and a bar room.
Manned Cloud - The Floating Hotel
The airship is powered by a giant rear propeller and also has two further engines pointing downwards for vertical take-off.
Manned Cloud - The Floating Hotel

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Obama: The College Years

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In 1980, when Obama was a freshman at Occidental College in Los Angeles, he was approached by an aspiring photographer named Lisa Jack, who asked him if he would be willing to pose for some black and white photographs that she could use in her portfolio.

Of her first meeting (in a campus eatery) with Obama, Jack remembers only that "He was really cute. But what else does a 20-year-old girl remember?"
In the photos, Jack says, "You can see he is just posing, initially, but as the shoot goes on, he starts to come out. He was very charismatic even then."
Jack never realized her dream of becoming a photographer and is now a psychologist
 Jack and Obama would see each other only a few more times while students. But in 2005, while on a tour, she spotted Obama on Capitol Hill and yelled hello. "He knew exactly who I was after all this time," Jack says. "I was amazed."
On a dare from a skeptical friend, Jack decided to track down her negatives from the shoot.
 Initially, before she dug the film out from her basement, Jack never thought her pictures would have much life beyond her own darkroom.
When she found them, the images of Obama "blew me away," she says. "I had no idea I'd taken a whole roll of film."
When she found them, the images of Obama "blew me away," she says. "I had no idea I'd taken a whole roll of film." 

For a while, Jack put the negatives in a safety-deposit box, so that they could not be used until after the election, when there would be no chance they could be used for a political purpose.
 Today, Jack says, she hopes the photos reveal a "spirit of fun and thoughtfulness."
 The Man Who Would Be President"I'm not political," Jack says, "(But) these are historic photos and they should be shared."

Monday, December 20, 2010

The Worst Parking Jobs Ever #2

Sunday, December 19, 2010 10:18 PM, 

From trying to park cars in too tiny a spot to misjudging barriers, these are some of the worst and funniest parking jobs ever!

See the Camel among the cars...
Oh my....What a poor luxury car
This is what we call "parked in lay..."
I Wonder how do they park like this...
The car must be flying
Horned by the Fire Engine?
Police that got plunged
Which one comes first? The cars or the iron pipe?
High back?
Entering forcibly
WHAT??? This is my own garrage ok!
When a road turned into a river
I just want to park higher...
My break was failed..!
I also want to intervene too
Upsss... you're sued!
I hope I will be able to claim my insurane
My garbage...
I alsa wanto to go fishing...
I Just don't like the traffic light
I'd like to be a fireman
Von voyage... drunken dirvers... This is your parking space!
And... that's all for today...! Happy working guys.
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