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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Fw: [FunOnTheNet] How Snakes are Eaten. (not for sensitive people)

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Subject: How Snakes are Eaten. (not for sensitive people

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  How Snakes are Eaten.
Siamese cobra (Naja siamensis) is one of the most amazing creatures on Earth, one of the three who are never ill. That is why at all snake farms of the South-Eastern Asia many medicines made "with help of" Siamese cobras are offered.
Dried gallbladder of snakes are used like immunomodulator, the medicine reinforcing immune system; encapsulated snake oil is a natural product containing collagen - good for CVD prevention; powder made of snake genitals is a secret of men's sexual drive.
There is one more thing - you may try to drink fresh snake blood and eat its still warm heart. It's believed that drinking blood of a creature with perfect immune system makes your own immune system much stronger - that's the reason why people drink blood of crocodiles and snakes. Heart is eaten to obtain the power of the animal that was killed. 
First of all Siamese cobra must be chosen.
It is let our from the cage and it crawls right at your feet, it seems the cobra needs just a second to get to you and make a deadly bite, but it's known that snakes don't attack first. 
Then the snake is caught, its throat is corded and stretched.
Then its body is cleaned.
Shallow notch and the snake's heart is taken out.
Blood is drained into a glass
When the heart is extracted it still beats for some time...
Blood is diluted with whiskey and tossed off.
The heart is cut for two persons. It's eaten and washed down with alcohol.
The cooked meat of the cobra looks like this.
Snake liver tastes like beef liver, there is no much meat but it tastes rather well.

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