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Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Jars Murderer - Lam Kor-Wan

Whose picture is this? 

The above picture is a picture of Lam Kor-Wan, the very first Hong Kong serial killer. He killed four women in four nights. 

I know this story after watching the CI (Crime and Investigation, Channel 732 Astro) at 2 this afternoon.

Here is the list of victims he had killed:
Chan Fung-lan, female, age 22, body found in seven separate pieces in the Shing Mun River, New Territories.
Chan Mong Kip, age 31, body found in a rice bag near Tai Hang Road, Hong Kong Island.
Leung Sau-wan, female, age unknown, body found in a rice bag near Tai Hang Road, Hong Kong Island.

Leung Wai-sum, female, age 17, body found in a rice bag near Tai Hang Road, Hong Kong Island.
Lam who worked as a taxi driver, would pick up female passengers, strangle them with electrical wire. He then brought the victim to his house,  took pictures and video of the victims and filming himself performing an act of necrophilia (doing sex to a corp) with his fourth victim. Lam cut off their sexual organ (breast and pubic), then put them in  Tupperware containers with preservative liquid. The other body parts was disposed in some places via his taxi.

What's the motive of this murder? Probably mental disorder...! He ever claimed that he is a God messenger. God told him to kill the women. Nevertheless, the prosecution has rejected the asylum motives as all he works well planned. He actually too eager to know the female anatomy, as he ever work as a nude woman photographer.

On April 8, 1983 at the end of a 21 day trial with a seven member all male jury, Lam was found guilty of four counts of murder and sentenced to death by hanging. On the 29th August 1984 Lam's sentence was commuted to life imprisonment, as was the tradition before the abolition of the death penalty in 1993. He is currently serving his life sentence at Shek Pik Prison.

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