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Monday, May 24, 2010

Air India crash kills 158 people (very sad)

From: $AMIN.K <>
Subject: Air India crash kills 158 people (very sad)
Date: Sunday, May 23, 2010, 12:34 AM

Survivors of a plane crash that killed 158 people have told today how they jumped from the aircraft as it began to break up

The Air India plane overshot the runway in Mangalore at the southern Indian city's 'table-top' Bajpe airport, crashing into a gorge and killing all but a few of the 169 passengers on board.

Nearby residents rushed to the scene following the incident at around 6.30am (local time), describing 'shocking' scenes as they pulled charred bodies from the wreckage. Around six people survived the crash and are currently being treated in nearby hospitals, officials said.

Indian firefighters spray foam on the Air India plane wreckage as they try to extinguish the fire

A firefighter carries a child, reportedly a survivor, out of the debris of an Air India plane that crashed in Mangalore

A surviving child is taken to a hospital after the plane crash in Mangalore May 22, 2010


Onlookers and firefighters stand at the site of a crashed Air India Express passenger plane in Mangalore May 22, 2010

Lucky survivor Krishnan speaks on the phone as he eats lunch at a hospital in Mangalore

plane crash in india

Indian firefighters and rescue personnel hose down the site while many residents look on

Locals break down in tears as they try to help survivors at the crash site

plane crash in india

A new Air India Express Boeing

plane crash map

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